Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If u choose to be HAPPY

As a human being we are often flooded with too many emotions be it sad, guilty, sober, happy and the list goes on. I have crossed these emotions so many times in different chapter of my life. No matter what, HAPPY will always be my priority.

I choose to be happy and i want to be happy. Too many things took place in my life for the past few months back. Thinking about all those things just giving me headache. But, yeah, there are also good memories that i can treasure.

Plus, a new chapter in my life has just begun. Those that mingle and look at me,( i mean my very own friends), can see and realize the changes that i'm going through. A tempo of movements from negative to positive side. I cannot be anyone or move anywhere by just keeping quiet and be on my own. I have to move forward............i have to be someone..........AND I REALIZE THAT IT IS NOW TIME FOR ME TO MOVE FORWARD.....New beginning and new life is ahead of me...and i have to learn to face it...

YES!!! i can see and feel the new life and challenges........i can really feel its presence...i know that i have to work harder in order to achieve it...

Even now, i have changed into a better person and can accept the reality of life.....I am no more the old fiona that will sit and mourn over the past........i am now more independent and know how to handle things.....this is me.........yes me.......

to be continued...........

Sunday, November 8, 2009

wat a day..........

I don't know why "today(9th nov 2009) " is being very nice to me. I received 2 phone calls. Well, its regarding my interview actually. Both are multinational companies. I went through a conference call with this company( company A) and they said i can start this 16th nov itself. And another company(company B) is asking me to come for interview preferably somewhere around this week. I am currently preparing myself for the interview actually. I'm gonna attend an interview session with company B before i make any decisions. I don't want to make things rush and regret later on. Looks like, its time to get more serious life and no more playin mode...


But i'm not gonna be that serious though. Because i know i can never be one and never been one.......hehe

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Darling Bro(ISAAC)

Believe it or not, i have the most annoying bro that anyone could ever ask for.........FOR REAL!!! When he was born, he was so quiet and sweet...but now...........OMG!!!....Sometimes it makes me want to cry. But still i love him a lot. He is the best bro that i ever had.

What annoys me today was, he forced me to play this PC game called "Counter Strike". Whenever i'm into this game, for sure i will loose and this will make things more happy for my bro to continue playing. But as for me, i'll get bored and stop playing. Thats what happened today. HMMM, anyhow, i'm actually getting better and improving in this PC game. HAHA!!!

Thanx to my annoying and darling bro. Love you bro...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A fruitful Tuesday

hey hey hey!
I'm back to blog..........
but but, it gonna be a very very short post because i'm super duper lazy to do blogging now. Just feel happy today. Well extraordinary happy actually...........hehe....Finally i got what i want. All that i planned became into reality today.........Gosh!! i couldn't believe it myself......As i wrote in my post before, there is always a reason behind every situation. Now i'm getting it. Now i understand.

Okay, Shall end here! I'll blog again some other time,.......TQ for reading. I love my readers!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

There's Always Something to Laugh About

Yes, i want to be happy and i love writing about it.

But, I've been taking it all too seriously.....

I felt this the other day as i went into my dad's office library. I don't know why but i felt really weird in me because usually if i turn up at my dad's office, i'll be like " dad, let's go out for lunch" or bug him with something else.

But, to my surprise, that very day i felt a pull to pick up a book that would make me laugh. Abraham might say that my inner being was talking to me but i call it my intuition or my spirit guides.

I knew just what would make me laugh.......

But while i was into picking up a book, i changed my mind. Instead of picking up a book to read, i went through the inbox messages in my mobile phone. Mostly the ones that contain silly jokes.

It goes on to tell me that i've been too serious lately and it's time to lighten up. Sometimes, the best way to heal a situation is to step away from it. Can you read a funny book or watch a comedy on TV? Can go get together with friends and tell some silly jokes???

I like the friends part, but will leave the silly jokes to others.

Then sooner, i tend to realize something, it is........

Learn to feel joy, no matter what's happening around you. Laughter and joy are magical because they bring happy situations into your life.

(The picture above was taken when i was on a 3 days trip to Phuket. I forgot all my sad moments......it was like in heaven........and that time it was for real and no place for fake business.....i really felt that special thing called happiness in me)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Credit to kak tina(1)

Awww...............Mr Mcd at Phuket.............i was forced to hug this Mr.Mcd by kak tina..........can't believe why on earth i did that.......but it was fun though having some crazy moments with friends.:)

Credit to kak tina

I myself can't believe that the one in this picture is me. But yeah, it is me. Taken by kak tina at Royal Crown Hotel, phuket Thailand.....i'm such a photogenic.